Thursday, January 8, 2009

Woe to WAR

So... I canceled our WAR Accounts today. 

After all the hype.. it just couldn't deliver. With so many problems facing the game, its not worth the time investment right now.  3 Months down the road, 6 months? I'll check back then... it took Funcom a year to keep AoC from dropping subs (they're on the uptake now); so hopefully WAR can deliver on promises after 15 months (from release). 

So.. DK here I come, perm.  It looks like we're gonna pick back up on some kind of Foursome again on WoW; rerolling to a PvP server probably... for the ability to gank lowbies at 80, plus PvPing in outland / northrend. It's sad, that a game touted as RvR - Centric and built around PvP actually has less PvP in it's end game content than a PvE-Centric game. 

We're probably going to be rolling something along the lines of... Prot Pally / Unholy DK / (Mage or Shaman) / (Druid or Shaman)... shooting for clearing non-heroics in Outland. Figure that 4man could clear Ramps / Hellfire in no time... Heroics, without a priest that could hurt... Mage / Druid would probably end up working out better, but Rest Sham + Rest Druid could probably heal thru about any heroic. We'll see tho.. 

Rolled a new Male DK on Archimonde.. debating there as being the new PvP Server; got a 70 Druid and Mage to cake-walk instances with; but I think the Population is just medium-ish... but that means smaller queues late night tho. 

We'll see... but after like, 3 years.. WAR just was, meh =(

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Trisha said...

Carlton -

I tried to fight it... but... I'd rather go back to DAOC then WAR at T3 and T4 atm.

EVE is ... interesting but HUGE learning curve so we'll see.