Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New spec

FINALLY caught 2 of the new WotLK 1handers (83.1 DPS) mace's in the Auction House... apparently Runetotem's economy sucks, like the real world... paid an arm and a leg for them. 

Put RazorIce on both of them... picked up a new helm and new neck, socketed it and respec'd:

Stats:  523 Strength        397 Agility  573 Stamina         23.2% Crit

I've had better Strength and Crit...the stats on one of my items is less than ideal, and my belt and rings are kind of outdated. 

I went with the beginings of the 'awesome'  0/32/39 spec.. and dropped thru the frost tree first for the DW'ing, KM, Rime and Howling Blast.. then ran up thru Unholy. 

I'm still on the fence about this spec... *sometimes* I'll drop a single target before I ever get to my second portion of my Rune rotation, and thats without using Death Coil.  The ammount of bursty DPS that's potentially there is amazing, and I can see why everyone loves this spec. 

But I think I tried for it too early... I died a couple of times, which is rare... to situations that a 2handed Unholy DK would've prevailed. But I mowed thru an elite... so /shrug. I think it's 6 one way, half a dozen the other.  The problem i have is 

1) Lack of Ebon Plague (for Death Strike Purposes)
2) To-Hit chance for offhand... I'ev got a 23% miss rate on my offhand right now =/
3) Slow off hand - sucks
4) Lack of Steady AoE DPS -  HB is *AWESOME* AE burst damage... but wandering plague mixed with 3 diseases is <3>

All in all... it was still a really fun spec; I only had 1 quest I couldn't do.. and it suggested 5 people. I think I need to still stack more STAM, but I'm about to hit Northrend, so it's NBD. 

Think I'm going to respec to something like 0/16/45 for heading to Northrend... go back to being full holy till I have the gear to support 0 / 32 / 39.... ONE good 2hander seems to be easier to find than TWO good 1 handers too. 

DWing is just so fast! 

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