Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Another weekend down...

This weekend was pretty fun! Saturday, me and Jill got up and went to Saturday Serve.. we're going to start doing this once a month; a group from out Church goes out and does service projects around the community... from fixing people's houses, to serving meals, to helping out at the Atlanta Dream Center. This is a great way for the Church to reach out into the community and be a positive influence, as well as not be the typical 'armchair church'... meaning, not a church who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. 

We volunteered at a youth center off of Austell road for children 13-17 who came from either abusive situations, drug related situations, domestic disputes or DFCS temporary placement. Most of the kids there were there temporarily, just as a place to stay, while DFCS found them a more permanent home... but some were there indefinately.  At the shelter, they have access to a computer / study area, several books, a nurse, a "common room" to play board games, pool and watch TV... as well as a lunch room and laundery room. Despite being in a shelter with tight security, the kids are offered a great degree of freedom and responsibilty.  The church came in to help with some organization projects that the shelter needed done, but didn't have the time/resources to do so. We cleaned and organized an office supplies area, nursing station, storage room, hygenie closet and their laundery room. Mine and Jill's project was the office supplies cabinets... we were to inventory and straighten it so that the kids could get what they needed more easily, without having to pull the entire contents of the cabinet out. 

I really enjoyed the service project; it was a lot of fun and for something really good... but I wish I could've talked with the kids more. Because it was saturday, they slept in till about 11:30, so we really didn't get to talk to them too much... we got to talk to the workers a lot tho (met a cool guy, Tim, who was one of the caretakers there). Next time I think we're going to volunteer at MustMinistries (Homeless Shelter) or The Atlanta Dream Center (Shelter for Homeless / Adicts / Prositutes) where you interact more with the people there. 

Saturday afternoon we jut kinda chilled and took it easy... played some WoW; picked up and straightened up.. etc. 

Sunday we had KCRG... the kids were a little crazy this sunday for some reason.. and our Hall-Coach was in a bad mood (she kept getting onto our kids).  Our kids had a really good time tho... I got to talk to a couple of kids about the lesson in more depth than normal, until the room exploded with craziness. There's one kid.... Jake Mantooth, who's a really good kid, but I just like messing with him.  I kept telling him that I had my eyes on him and was watching for him to be bad.... and would do the "I'm-Watching-You" motion during like.. big group, and just all during sunday school... he thought it was hillarious.  The lesson this sunday was about how Words have power and can really have consequences... which was easy to convey to the kids by talking to them about playing Wii late at night, and their parents saying "no". They all got the concept real quick!

Got my DK to 68 this weekend... really really really enjoy the class. It's so cool cause you can play it as a Tank... AE DPS, or single target DPS dump.  I'm trying to scrounge up 2 good 1handed weapons so that  I can respec back to frost and start DW'ing. DWing just looks so much better, and your white-damage is a lot "more" of your overall DPS.. but I keep getting awesome 2handers. First it was Hellreaver (lvl64 Polearm).. then right as I was outgrowing that... Verik's Pike (69 Polearm.. 93.3 DPS). I don't know if I have the +Hit to do DWing yet.. but it *Just* *looks* *so* *cool*.   Debating a different spec too... Unholy is fun for AE DPS, but thinking I may go Frost (gasp!).. it'll cost me 5g to respec I think, then 6g more if I don't like it. I've gotta find two decent 1handers before I respec though... Killing Blow and Rime procs are dependant on crits.... more swings = more crits = more free / critical Howling Blasts. 

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