Friday, January 23, 2009

DPS numbers

So I've been toying with spec's... and I've got some cash to burn, tbh.

So I tried out a couple different specs... I went:

#1 - 0 / 31 / 29   DW (mistake! but turned out ok)
#2 - 0 / 32 / 28   2H 
#3 - 8 / 0 / 51  - 2H

DPS Results on a lvl65 Target dummy:
Rune rotations were as best I could, consistant.. test times were up to 400K, I used D&D (not glyphed) and HB whenever I could. No trinkets, UH spec used bone shield and I kept HoW up all the time.

#1 - 968 DPS , Spiked @ 1012.2 DPS... simply amazing single target DPS for my level, some of the DPS was splash from AE targets with D&D and HB... but overall simply amazing. 
#2 -  736 DPS, Spike @ 815 ... I don't know why I saw this drop. It could have been my rotations ... I felt rune power starved some. IDK. I want to try 2H 44 / 27 spec too. 
#3 - 850 DPS, Spike @ 910 DPS.... really great AE, if I would've taken 3/3 Wandering I would have seen even more DPS, but it's all AE DPS.. which is great in certain regards. UB keeps you busy. 

I don't really know which one I'm going to go with ... #1 is the highest, but I think #3 may pan out better for leveling... and might could even be made better. 

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