Sunday, January 11, 2009

leik whoa

So I was thinking about something tonight during N-Weds that I really wanna do... it came whenever Greg and Barbara were talking about 'their' time each saturday morning; and I really wanna start doing this (new thing) with me and Jill... but it really has more to do with just me. 

Everyone who knows me... knows I love computer games. It's what I do. Period. I mean, I like to do them to relax... unwind... escape... a various plethora (25 pts!) of reasons. But... at the same time, its a big detractment from 'us' time, between me and Jill.  Sure, we play(ed) WAR together, and it was something fun for us to do... but, it's not quality time, or together time per'se. It's staring at monitors making fun of nubs whilst pwning. lol. 

So this semester, me and jill are gonna be pushed for 'us' time.. her schedule is crazy Monday / Weds / Friday... we've got Church and NWeds on sundays... Saturday Community Server with NMC on (duh) Saturdays.. so our time together for this semester is going to be very limited. very... limited. 

So, I'm giving up the PC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unless the CU is in some state of.. super-natural breakdown or something, I'm going to leave the PC turned off. I've got plenty of time Monday / Weds / Friday to get in all the playing that I want.. then there's whenever I can shove some time in on the weekends. But I really wanna dedicate Tuesday and Thursday to sharing with her... If we'd like to do something like... play Guitar Hero 3 on those nights; then thats fine. But, I'm not gonna recluse-upstairs in the office... I'm not gonna have a ton of time with her this semester because of school, work and life... so I want to maximize every little drop I can squeeze out of it. 

I'm also gonna try and get involved in some type of Men's Ministry.. I'm hoping for a  M / W / F class; I know the class I'd like to go to is @ 6:15 on Friday mornings.. but with my schedule I don't know if I can swing it. I'm going to see what I can do though. 

For those of you who may be interested in NMC or just knowing more of what it's about.. check it out:

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Pat said...

YOU, my dear...are a mother's dream for her daughter!!! You are a wonderful husband!!! Love you!!!