Sunday, January 4, 2009

More... Death Knight-y-ness?

So the DK I was playing the past two nights was a Blood Elf on the PvP server I've got a 70 Mage and Druid on... I decided, after thinking about some stuff and the posibility of transfers.. yadda yadda, to roll an Alliance DK.  Because of the "purge", +1% to hit, +1% to not be evaded/dodged, +10% Rep... went with a Human. They're the best alliance race from a PvP and PvE standpoint (tied PvE with Dranai.. but they're just, odd w/cloaks on). 

I decided to go with a different spec too.. with the Blood elf I was trying out the Beggings of *the* new PvP spec (0/32/39), which really was amazing... The biggies being full time pet, gargoyle and bonearmor; then dumping the rest in frost to increase IT and get the self-haste; eventually going DW and Killing Machine\Rime procs... 

This time I went more unholy, less frost.. I dropped gargoyle, picked up Ebone Plague (+13% Magic dmg, +3% Crit Chance vs. Diseased Targets), picked up the Mount speed tactic for faster questing times.. and grabbed the +2 ticks disease tallent. I wasn't able to out-of-the-gate go as deep into frost as I was, so my IT doesn't hit as hard (and I don't have the haste buff yet)... but the spec is amazing for dropping targets fast.... Once I get haste, I think I'm going to just go deeper Unholy for the 'extra hits' (Wandering Plague) chances. 

To augment this.. I picked up a couple of 'glyphs' from the AH (for those unfamiliar.. they're WoW's new response to tactics; they function the exact same). One is that Bloodstrike (60% of weapon damage + xtra per diease) hits 20% harder when the target is snared... the other is DeathStrike (60% Wpn Dmg + xtra per disease + Heals for a % of the hit per Disease on the target) hits and heals for 2% more per 5 Runic Power (up to 20% more at full RP).  That's all the Glyphs I could afford ( you can have... 3 Major Glyphs and 3 Minor Glyphs)... I also bought some Armor kits to increase Strength / Stamina and AP. 

The results.. breathtaking. The human DK drops targets fast. And by "fast" I mean @ lvl59 I'm dropping lvl61-62's in one runic rotation. Thats IT, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Death Strike with White Damage (regular hits) inbetween and critting like a madman. Biggest hit has been a 2K Deathstrike (full RP) crit; healed me for like 2200 or something. 

I've ran some more instances too... ran Ramps about 4 times last night; easy, quick, good loot and fun. 5 DK's can do it without a healer... and the 1 run with a healer (Priest + 3 DK's, 1 Prot Pally) was only 4 total pulls... the prot pally pulled all the aggro while the DK's went AoE-Nuts.. entire run was done in about 12 minutes. 

I've had a couple of PvP fights on the Human DK... got dropped like a bad habit by an 80DK griefing Burning Crusade starter zone... took a 62 Rogue, dropped a 59 priest and made a stupid mistake and died to a 61 Pally (omg kicked myself over that one). 

It's certainly fun tho. 

(I'll edit this to include pics lata!)

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