Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jackson & Me

This (Marley & Me)  is a must-see for all you 'pup-rents' out there.. who think that your dog is a part of the family. 

I mean me... My blog is named after the two most important people in my life; and notice I said
 people, one is just shorter and furrier than the other. 

Marley & Me is an amazing story that revolves around how special our companions are to us.. and that they're there with us.. thru thick and thin, and despite their quirks and misbehaviors.. they're one of the few things that love us with their whole heart, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also describes the special bond that a man develops with his furry friend.. there's nothing that can really describe it; and its unlike
 anything else... if you're ever fortunate enough to have "the" pet, which I hope everyone is.. then you know what I'm talking about. You can tell what they're thinking, what they're feeling.. when they're sad, when they're in a great mood, and when they just wanna curl up and lay next to you... they feed off of your emotions; they can someh
ow tell when you've had a bad day and they try to comfort you in their own little special way... it's this special bond, between a man and his best friend.. that the movie goes over. 

Sadly, no matter how hard we want it to not happen... all good things must come to and end. One day, all things shall pass... and while sad, it just means that you should relish each and every moment you have with them; because like you, their time is limited, especially once this "epic" bond is formed... this doesn't come along every day, so you should harness it and squeeze every last drop of happiness out of it. 

I've just got a big soft spot in my heart for animals; but especially dogs. I've been fortunate to have very special dogs in my life... Lady, Joey, Sadie... Jack and Chance.  Jack and me are best buds tho; and we've formed this kind of bond I'm talking about. 

The movie Marley & Me just makes you realize how precious they are.. and how you can't over look the little things, and cherish every moment you have with them. They're not here forever. 

I balled my eyes out in the theatre... and have balled them out while writing this post. 

I Love my special furry family members. 


Jillian said...

hehe you're cute =)

Pat said...

awwwwww Greg!!!! You have such a big heart!!! You sweet little thing!! I miss ya'll!!