Thursday, September 3, 2009

Such a ripoff

Cable is such a ripoff... Comcast throttling downloads is the stupidest thing ever.

Ok.. you buy a car that has 280hp. They really tout the fact that it has TWO-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-HORSEPOWER!! (in my best Billy Mays voice). It's lighting fast off the Line, it's awesome, it's fantastic, it's super duper!! Best Car EVER.
- So you buy it, then guess what? When the engine hits 190 Hp, it takes 2x as long to reach 220hp... cause, you shouldn't be using that much. I don't care if you PAID for 280hp, you shouldn't NEED more than 190hp, you're not in NASCAR, are you? No.... Ouch, you finally hit 220hp and *BAMM* you hit an RPM wall, your car goes dead and coasts down till about the 120hp range, then restarts... letting you rev it back up to 190; but be careful, you're horse power is gonna be cinched at 225! but.. OH YEAH THE CAR HAS 280HP!!!1!!

Thats what Comcast does to your Internet pipe if you *really* use it; tough stuff if you don't like it. It's called Bandwidth throttling, and if you know how to monitor your connection (and roughly how much data you pass monthly / daily) then you can watch it happen. You can pay for that Static IP, the web hosting, email addresses and a 12Mbps pipe (2mbps upstream even)... but you damn well better not use it.

Downloading AION's OB client from file planet, using GoToMyPC for Work, looking @ images on google, running an FTP Server and Playing online = Instant throttling.. but a minute after you drop one of the activities... all of a sudden your connection is magically fine!

The entire cable and data-exchange industry is just one big scam anyways... but man, throttling is just a PITA.