Sunday, January 25, 2009

Real World DPS Numbers

Taking the 950 DPS spec out into the real world... it looks like im only pushing about 650-675 before the mobs die. The problem with this spec is that... Death Strike heals on a % of weapon damage + # of diseases on the target. with 0 / 31 / 29 you've got a max of 2 diseases on the target and are swinging a 1hander... this yeilds only about 600 hps healed per death strike, 1600 on a crit... where as with either X / 0 / 51  or 0 / X / 51 you've always got at least 3 diseases on the target, sometimes 4 and are swiging a 2hander... average return on death strikes is 1600-1800 non-crit and 3K on crits. 

All this switching between specs has kind of made me poor tho, lol =(

I'm thinking on respecing to Unholy, for leveling, whenever I hit 70... or a couple of my auctions sell. 

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