Friday, January 2, 2009


So looking back over 2008 and 2009, we've been very blessed... and it's really just amazing. 

2008 was a tumultous year, financially speaking, for the entire country. With all the layoffs, hard times, closings and especially bank failures, one should be very happy to simply have *a* job... let alone a well paying one. This past year we've been blessed  in that the Credit Union has really gorwn by leaps and bounds; which has been very rare by Financial Instituion standards... the 'typical' rate of membership growth across the country has been roughly 2.4% (if at all)... our Credit Union has experienced a phenominal 9% growth (as of December 1, 2008)... while other institutions have experienced marignal loan growth at best, we've seen dramatic increases in loan dollars (with deposit dollar increases to compensate(go go Onboarding! yeah!))... allowing us to achieve our Quarterly goals each quarter; which in turn grants each employee a bonus 2weeks worth of pay each quarter. This bonus has been a Godsend for everyone, and given the grim economic forecast, is very not-so-much the "norm" for 2008. It's been just such a blessing that we've had the finanical income given to us this past year. 

We were blessed by finding North Metro in 2008; which has been a pheonminal turning point. Its not everyday that you walk into a church, especially when typically your very skeptical of churches, and immediatly feel at home. It seems like every sunday, the topics are just specifically tailored toward whats going on in our lives... and how we should deal/cope with specific situations we're dealing with. North Metro has had such a dramatic impact on our lives.. daily... that becoming involved with it (IN it) has been one of the defining points of 2008.  N-Weds has also been one of the greatest things to happen in 2008.. we've built so many friendships from this experience, it's been amazing. 

I've been blessed with the greatest thing in life, a loving wife who genuinely wants to simply see me be happy... and who loves me with every ounce of her being. It's very awesome, to post-10/18/08, call her my wife. Each morning, in the shower (daily prayer-time + warm shower = awesome way to start every day) I thank God for her, and everything she's helped me with. She's played a huge role in getting re-involved in church, and is just everything I could ever ask for and want in a spouse. And on top of all that awesomeness... she's even a phenominal cook! I think everyone can look at my ever-expanding waisteline and determine that she's a very good cook =) Being married is the greatest thing in life, and I'm just so thankful for every minute I've gotten to spend with her, and look forward to what we've got in store for '09 (Italy, schweet!). 

Jack and Chance... despite their affinity for carpet-ruining and leaf-dragging in; they're two tiny blessings (one a little smaller than the other).  You can't really ask for a much better companion than Jackson; he's a wonderful dog... fun, always happy, eager to please, and cuddley... he's about as perfect as they come. Chance is also a great puppy... I mean, he's just 13wks old. He's getting on with house training... he's fun, quirky and always energetic. They're both just so happy they have each other (as evident from the N.C. christmas vacation)... and we're blessed to have both the little nuts... 

I could go on and on... family,  health, working cars, stable finances, school, 1st house, promotions.... there's not really enough room on the blog to detail every aspect that we've been blessed in. 

But here's to 2009... hoping that the economy and everything turns around, but the blessings continue to roll in. 

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Pat said...

Yes, you both have been very blessed! And as parents, so have we! It is always a parent's prayer that their children are happy...and although circumstances may not always be as smoothe, we pray that you will always be happy with each other!