Monday, January 26, 2009

New DPS Numbers

So I was really flip flopping between going UH or the 32/39 spec... so I tested some numbers again, now that I had *some*  +hit while DW'ing, and I had a better 2hander for the UH build. 

DW is very nice.. you see some really big numbers (2-2.5k HB procs across 3 targets) and you hit with white damage really frequently, but the staying power just isn't there. The deathstrike based off of weapon speed + dmg really just doesn't favor DW's, oblit and Sinister Strike are the same way... higher the damage weapon = more damage from the styles.  Spikes from DW were nice, and you could 1 runic rotation drop an even level...

but then, there's AoE Unholy.. you don't see *as* big of numbers (I've seen some 2k+ SS crits tho).. but it's the CONSTANT string of numbers. Between Frost Fever, Ebon Plauge, Blood Plague and D&D... some disease is scrolling constantly, which can 'jump' and proc on adjacent mobs. Add in the 4 disease per target, and Oblit and SS doing additional dmg per disease and you're getting some nice sustained DPS. Tack on the pet damage, plus Bone Armor and Desecration... and you're doing some really nice DPS with decent healing in reserve too. 

Actual numbers @lvl70 versus a level65 target dummy:

31/29 -  Capped at 1028.3 DPS, sustained 984 DPS
8 / 0 / 53 -  Capped at 1191.2 DPS, sustained 1158 DPS

Couple the increase DPS with also the ability to heal better as well as augment party members damage, and unholy is still the spec to level with... I just really miss my Killing Machine and Rime procs =/  IT and HB with Back-to-Back crits was really nice. 

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