Friday, January 16, 2009

More Flipp'n poke'n

Been poking around on a couple of different sites... it looks like there's a fairly big disparity in what accounts are selling for; which wasn't there when I was flipping about a year ago. 

"Quick Flips" aren't selling for as much - a Standard level80 looks like its going for 250ish with a single 80 on it in quest blues / greens. 

then you've got like... this massive gap in $. I don't know where this comes from, because in my experience,, 70-80 content is fairly easy... if it can be pugged as a 25 man broadcasting in a capital city, it can't be THAT hard. 

So after the $250's... it jumps to like, $750. There's massive difference in gear.. but still! People in WotLK Epic Purples and Set pieces are selling (selling.. as in transactions being completed) for 1K+, as much as 2K sold. 

Keep in mind.. these people are in 'sets'.. meaning they have all 5 of a desired piece of 'Tiered' gear. That takes time... you've got to run 25 man NAXX enough till the pieces you need drop AND you win them... that can take a while. The accounts all have their epic Flyer, which entails dropping a cool 5k gold on a mount.. which ain't cheap. Still tho.. jeez; I can't believe someone would pay that.  While the 1-2K accounts aren't the norm... there's at least 125 accounts on 1 site priced above $700.

There's a lot of Warriors, Paladins and DK's... Death Knights seem to be going for *a lot* if they're 5/5 in T7 or the latest Arena Season gear. Professions seem to making more of a difference too; before they were just an afterthought... but with the Inscription / Echanting and jewel craftin profession changes... looks like they're very desireable. 

Just some quick thoughts from browsing the market place this morning. 

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