Saturday, November 1, 2008

So I got tagged

And I've got to toss up a post about seven things people may not know about me

1) I'm a history junkie... not like, I think history is just fun to study or whatever; i want to KNOW history. I could read books for hours on end (and I've done it) about historical stuff, and not necessarily just military related. Coach Foster, who is probably in the top 10 greatest high school teachers to have ever walked the earth, had a banner up in his room that said something to the effect of "The culture that does not learn from their history, is doomed to make the mistakes of thier past"... or something like that. I really just think that it is interesting looking back through other cultures, seeing their struggles, then seeing.... stuff really hasn't changed all that much. We still fight over the same crap today that we did 2000 years ago; except now we just do it a lot more effectively. 

2) I love numbers, which I guess is pretty standard coming from someone who programs computers 5-7 days a week. But I just think that its phenominal the power that we've given numbers now. With a keystroke (or a mistyped key) some one can go from being in debt, to being rich... or vice-versa. Simply by changing someone's zipcode in something like the DMV or Tax system, you can nulify their liscense or insurance. Its just crazy. 

3) I'm a closet physics junkie... 50% of my RSS feeds are physics and science-related. I think the LHC is just AWESOME, even if it could make Half-Life come true. While I don't agree with everything that comes out of physics (big bang... and even half of scientest don't agree with it, and 100% can't definitively explain it), I think continuing to try and understand everything around us is awesome. Things like the LHC just show the true potential of the Human brain... a 17 mile track of pipe, super cooled to 1 kelvin, with over 130 miles of wires, 10,000+ circuit boards, a server farm with over 2000 super computers crunching data, and massive electron microscopes and magnets that can detect the presence of a single electron moving at 99.999999% the speed of light; thata just a true testament to what man is capable of.. sure it might create mini-black holes that would seep into the earth and cause a Resonance Cascade or a Quasar and turn us into the sun... but risk / reward baby! ;P

4) I keep up with a Roleplaying forum.. and even run a campaign there. Yes, its true. And I've said it. lol.. Go Go Twilight 2013

5) I'd love to be a History Teacher at a highschool or College. When I'm done with computer stuff (here's to hoping to retire @ 50).. I want to go back to school / get my teaching certificate and teach part time... I'll still do computer consulting or something on the side, but I'd love to teach part time. 

6) I always wanted to go into the military. I dunno that this is a secret or not (or w/e).. but I think I would've really enjoyed that. 

7) I love being a Newlywed and being back in church. Neither are secrets or anything... but there both the best things ever, so I thought I'd mention them ;P


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cindy glawson said...

I didn't know you wanted to be a history teacher! Hopefully you will get to do it.