Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post 'n Pictures

Man, I never thought adding just one picture or two would really contribute to the blog... but wasn't I sho' wrong. It really does add a little something extra... cr-a-zy. 

Obviously... and are favorite places to hijack pictures; but google images is another... I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures off of the iPhone without having the PC-Connect cable... the stupid thing will do everything under the sun, play SNES and Sega games, track how far I've walked and calories burned, and let you edit excel spreadsheets... but attachments to emails? haven't found that yet.... thats why Blackberry >>> Apple in the business world still. The iPhone is still cool tho. 

Ok, so revisiting last night and the past couple of posts... what changes, long term, can we expect thus far out of Post 1.05 WAR. 

Scenarios are going to be a lot more diverse... this is just a flat out win-win. More scenarios = more variety, and more variety = less 'grindy' feeling to scenarios. And for the love of god, that means Less Tor Knockback. YES

Healing vs. DPS - With the changes proposed yesterday (can we call it 1.05.1?) I think you'll see healers be able to keep some being focused up a little more reliably now. If you pre-heal along with pre-hotting, you should stand a better chance at keeping someone up. 

DPSing - I think you're gonna start seeing a bigger disparity between the RDPS numbers in scenarios vs. everyone else. I mean, T2 and up, there's a degree of seperation... but I think it's just going to widen; at least it seems like it'll be widen-ing on each side now tho (with the Sorc changes). 

Survivabiltiy - I think you're going to see a nose dive for classes that are designed to "out last"... basically Tanks. If you're increasing DPS, you're negating the HP advantage a tank has over ranged DPS. I wish they'd touch on this a little more... offering tanks a means by which to increase not only their own, but their groups, survivability slightly more. Auras are a *great* mechanic to start with; especially with the introduction of the KotBS. Make Auras worth keeping up, but don't take the "omg increase dps only!" route... Increasing the delves for auras by 50% would greatly help them, while 100% increase I think is the real fix. Merge the reactive-heal aura and the heal-debuff aura together... because as it is, the debuff-heal aura offers no positive effects directly to the Chosen/KotBS and the reactive-heal offers no detrimental effects for enemy players inside its radius... so merge the two and increase the value of the HoT (15/tick isn't *anything* when you've got 6K hits). Ironbreakers and Blackguards are still going to be Ok (assumption on blackguards) in terms of survivability because of the nature of their buffs and 'buff-friend' mechanic. BO's and SM's (maybe not SM's, they whine a lot tho) I think are still ok in terms of DPS output vs. Survivability... if you're going to be a more 'offensive' tank, you shouldn't survive as long, imo. 

Melee Healers - Might propel in front of the Hybrid healers as one of the better healers in the game, definitly in a duo-situation. 350% of damage dealt is quite a shot in the arm for melee healers... couple that with a decent offense, immense survivability and group utility and you've got a solid position in a group. Add those strenghts (and weaknesses of 'bad' snares + no CC) to the strengths of a tank, and you've got an almost unstopable force.... Very much interested in running a DoK / BG Duo  (or going back to our oRvR IB/WP) after these changes. CJ, take note ;P

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Katie Jones said...

I'm enjoying that you're posting more, even though I don't get a lot of it! And yes, the pictures do add something. Hence all the shots of KA on my blog!