Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, I was going to write an elaborate response encompassing how I feel about the election results. 

I'm a conservative, so you can probably take an educated guess as to how I probably feel... but given the results from last night, I have to remember that most are incapable of calculating any degree of educated decisions... so, one of my best friends (CJ!) wrote a response to the election results over on facebook, so I just thought I'd share it... 

Hope and Change – Change and Hope. 
ok… so I am going to speak here as honestly as a can knowing that some of my closest friends are actually democrats and if you get your feelings hurt… I am sorry in advance. 

I have no idea how this bullshit actually won an election. 
Does that mean I didn’t see it coming? 
No, I knew that McCain is doomed.
McCain can’t speak to the masses. 
McCain has no charisma.

Besides, McCain wanted you to pick your fate. He wanted you to make your own decisions. He wanted you to be responsible for your own actions.

Generally speaking, when you’re voting for your public representatives you pick the lesser of two evils. 

I wanted a President not a MESSIAH.

It made me sick to my stomach to see the glazed over eyes at Barak Obama’s speech tonight. He is just a man.

What is this that Obama has that sucks you in? 
How do you honestly buy into his bullshit?

Is it because he looks nice/handsome?
Is it because he is black?
Is it because he gives nice flowery speeches?
Is it because he promises you the moon?

Sure those are all nice to have but….
Unfortunately, those are not good reasons to elect a President of the Free world.

Did I like Bush? No. He was a dumbass. 
Fortunately, on the things that mattered to me, he bumbled by. 

‘Freedom’ is a word also that Bush overused. 
He made it meaningless in speeches and we all rolled our eyes when we heard it.

This is probably his greatest offense to the United States of America.

We are free to try, we are free to dream, we are entitled to basic rights; and those freedoms people will-and have-died to protect.
We are also free to fail, we are free to not pay our mortgage, we are free to go out of business, and we are only promised the freedom of the PURSUIT of happiness.

So now Obama has promised you EVERYTHING, and you’ve bought it.
You’re happy tonight. You have accomplished the impossible.
You’ve elected a great ‘charisma’ into the White House.

Now what?

What do we know about Barak Obama as an executive leader?
Not a whole lot.
What has Obama already accomplished?
Not a whole lot.

So go ahead. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve accomplished something tonight.

But don’t preach to me.

Don’t tell me Obama is going to change things.
Don’t tell me Obama is going to bring hope.
Don’t tell me YES WE CAN.

ACTIONS…. ACTIONS…. ACTIONS…. Speak louder than words.

You’re now the commander in two wars (justified or not) and men and women have fought and DIED for America’s interests. 
Don’t you dare sell out the people of the United States of America to the jurisdiction of the United Nations and “The World”.
Don’t you dare be intimated by radical Islam in the world that would love to see every man and wom
an in America dead or converted
Don’t you dare fall asleep and fail to protect America.
Don’t you dare sell this country (further) out to socialism.
Don’t you dare infringe upon rights given to us.
Don’t you dare forgive the lazy by punishing the hardworking.

Taxes are taxes and are as inevitable as death, but don’t you dare let us, the American people, find your promises empty and your judgment lacking in the next 4 years. 
Too many people have given too much for you to sell it away in the name of ‘Hope and Change’
And Mr. Obama your judgment awaits you the next 4 years… And you have some VERY big promises to fulfill.

I may add something to this in a little bit; other thoughts and stuff... but I've gotta run right now. 


Jillian said...

wow...what a copycat...and why should we worry?! We'll be FIIINE with osama!...oh wait..

Katie Jones said...

I love it! I linked to your post from my blog.