Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots to Catch up on

So I haven't blogged in a couple of days... sorry =/

I've just been so stupid busy tho!  It's the end of the semester... so class is winding down, but projects and finals are winding up, so I've been meeting with my group every monday night to try and get this crap finished. 

Yes another group project. That's all KSU does. It's a "suck" buffer so that their professors can do less work, and manage the class less... Professors have gotten really lazy. I guess that's one of the Advantages to being in College for 5 years... you get to watch the professors go from caring about their class of 25... to not giving a dang about anyone in their class of 95. 

Then every tuesday I've actually GOT class... and my group is less than spectacular; and that's being as nice about it as I can. So, a group of 9... I've done the 43 page paper, I've made every deliverable except for 2, I'm the one who set the meeting dates.. and I'm the primary speaker for our presentation. Why does it always end up that way? 

Katie hit the flo' at school and had to go to the hospital... and it ends up she's got mono! =/ Which really sucks... cause Mono is gay and makes you tired and susceptible to other viruses, infections, bacteria and just all around bad stuff... it drains your body too; which is no fun. Hopefully tho, she can get some good rest.. take it easy and not work to the bone (Glawson's don't have a problem with being stubborn and being work-a-holics, do they?) and recover pretty quick. 

We got a puppy, after my last post... lol. His name is Chance, and he's a little nut. I really think he is pretty smart; well, as smart as a 10wk old puppy can be. He's housetraining extremely well already, he's only had 3 total accidents in the house (in over a week!). I really think a lot of that is due to Jack being there... he sees Jack do his business outside, so he thinks it's the cool thing to do. Jack's getting along with him well (sometimes I think Chance gets on his nerves a little) and he's a great personal trainer for Jack... hopefully all the running around and playing and stuff really helps Jack slim down a little. The schanuzer personality is just awesome... they can go from rambunctious and running around the house, to calm and laying in your lap at the drop of a hat. Both of them rode really well on the way to North Carolina.. they slept pretty much the whole way.... Chance really has taken to Jack tho. When we would try and hold him up front, he wanted to scramble over the headrest so that he could at least just see Jack; the little nutjob. 

I'm going to go off on a Warhammer / State of MMO's in general rant in just a minute.. so we'll save that for a sec. 

I guess that's about it... I can't believe its already november! Jeez, we're almost into 2009. 


Jillian said...

bad's almost December. lol

Katie Jones said...

Ditto, Jillian... I was just thinking, "Monday, it will be December, Greg!"