Thursday, November 6, 2008

C&C Baby!

Enough of the doom and gloom... it's time for tha WAAAAAAAAAAGH, 1.05 style baby!

Background: 1.1 was slated for sometime late Nov. to early December.. this was going to be "the" patch in terms of fixes, content, and career adjustments. I'm a WAR Faboi  but lets be honest, the game isn't "finished".. no MMO ever is. While it did have a fantastic launch, there are several issues that need to be addressed. Via various hotfixes (1.01->1.04) many performance issues have been fixed, however the Combat & C
areers (C&C) issues remained. 1.1 was to address not only C&C Issues, but also content (read: PvE Grinding issues) and Open RvR Changes to make the game feel more like War REALLY IS everywhere. Because of player demand, and the fact that Mythic is a mmo Vet., they kne
w they needed to get the combat and career fixes out first... because even if you make Open RvR as attractive as all get out, if someone feels like they're class is constantly getting pwnd, they're not going to want to play.... Classes first, Open RvR second, PvE third. Thats how it should be. 

Seventeen... yes... SEVENTEEN pages of Patch Notes. 

It's unbelievable.. Even Mark Jacobs said this was the largest patch put out by Mythic to date. 1.65 in DAoC (Left Axe Nerf) wasn't even this large... 1.05 will change the face of WAR. A Mythic is supposedly taking a very progressive approach to this whole ordeal. While there may be nerfs (Tough Love... supposedly).. Mythic is trying to achieve balance by boosting sub-par classes rather than nerfing (dimishing) over-powered classes. If everyone is overpowered, then no one is overpowered I suppose. 

I oh so look forward to reading the notes: I want to see what they do for the under achievers... classes like the Squig Herder and Shadow Warrior; classes without a 'niche' or "clutch" spot in a group. Engineers and Magus's I hope see some love in their core abilities, while insane abilities like Magnet and Chaotic rift get the Bat to the side of the face (Nerf-bat). 

I'd really like to see the proposed Chosen and Ironbreaker changes... Chosen, because I do enjoy playing mine, however I think he's about 'teetered' out...  I think he'll start seeing diminishing returns in terms of value to a group... I'd like to see major changes to the Aura system; with such a small radius and clumsy interface; I'd love to see the values of the buffs increased 50-100%.. Chosen are supposed to be the elite, fearsome warriors handpicked by T'znetnetch to wade into battle, striking fear into all those around them... and whenever someone has 554 Toughness, taking 65 pts away really isn't "fearsome".. I'm not arguing for Chosen DPS to increase; they're not MDPS. But I think fighting a chosen should *SUCK* one on one... he's a 7ft tall half-man half-beast covered h
ead-to-toe in layers of metal and spikes (with skulls attached to them) that can bend reality around them... whenever you fight that, you should hit it like a girl!

I'm looking at hte Ironbreaker...because in a month I'll be playing the Blackguard, which is the IB's mirror. Any changes they make to the IB are more than likely going to effect the Blackguard, so I'm interested in where they take the IB. I hope they don't change much, seeing as how the IB is the tank of Tanks.... the Podcast said that the BG was going to be the most Offensive of all the tanks; so I wonder how that will go over. 

I'm also looking for the Shaman / Zealot / Sorc changes:

Shamans: I think they've hit this class on the head; but I'd like to maybe see a little boost to the intial HP burst from the HP+HoT abilities; making Trisha's job a little easier... maybe a slight DPS increase, but they've gotta be pretty cautious with the hybrid healers imo. 

Zealot:  I 'd like to see an increase in the insta cast small heal. Make it worth using past T2. Also, maybe more Harbinger targeted spells; its a very cool Idea. Maybe a 2sec cast DD + Snare that only effects the bearer of your harbinger... give zealots a slight means to get outa jail, along with their  AEKB

Sorc: ... sorcs need to be brought to BW levels. Whether or not a BW is 
overpowered; meh.. but there is severe discrepancy between the mirrors.  Cast time specifically and Detonate and Playing With Fire.... the Sorc needs something to counterbalance this. Debuffs... the sorc currently is unable to debuff their own damage; which the BW is able to do via Boiling Blood.. boiling blood is a single target DoT with a 10sec recast, while Sorcs versions are short range CAE's with lower delves. I'm not asking specifically for a BW Nerf, far from it really, I just want sorcs to be on the same playing field. 

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