Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My official Response

Ok, so I've had some time to talk... so has Wall Street (down 486 today) and So has Mr. Barack Hussein Obama; he's already recanting on his Tax cut for the middle class, and he appointed Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat from IL., to his future secretary of State position. 

I liked Katie's sort of Question-Answer Style... so lets go with that:

Did I think John McCain was going to win: No, not in my heart. I had a fool's hope that maybe, just maybe, the intelligence present in every American would shine through in some epic-heroic moment.. but I figured Mr. Obama would win. I was actually predicting a Regan-esque win (97% of elec. college), but I was incorrect. McCain is an old white man, not incredibly passionate, with health problems and a poor image. McCain 'preached' long term results and rational, logical goals and aspirations... that's not what your average voter apparently wanted. 

Am I a McCain fan:  Actually, not all that much. I believe McCain is about as far "left" republican as you can get. I, like Katie, consider myself more to be a Libertarian. I want LESS government, LESS regulations, LESS Taxes. I'm 23 years old, I have a maxed contributed 401(K), a decent IRA and a hefty Buffer in my savings account; I micromanage my finances like an accountant.. I can take care of my own personal finances just fine... Government, the door is that way --> get out of my house, kkthx

Why Didn't I vote for Bob Bar (or a write in): Because, I more or less, was voting to try and Stop the Obama machine that steam rolled our country. McCain stood a decent chance, while still meeting some of my core values, at ceasing the juggernaut that is Barack Hussein Obama. 

Palin...Lets just say, I think Sarah Palin was severely mistreated during this whole ordeal. Palin is a smart, classy, attractive white woman who has power; and that's just unacceptable to some. I wish her the best of luck in, hopefully, her bright future in the GOP. 

Do I hate Barack (Hussein) Obama: I don't particularly hate anyone, I try not too. With my very core, I oppose essentially all that Mr. Obama stands for. I believe his campaign has so vastly polarized the nation, and he has taken such a stance, that the rift it has caused is going to cause quite a commotion. Barack is a Rockstar, plain and Simple. He's a motivational speaker with a great plan to redistribute the wealth from the workers and the consumers. I vote for Rockstars on American Idol and in Fantasy Football; I want a LEADER for my country. 

Do I fear what he will potentially do to our Country: With all of my heart, yes. Our economy is a living, breathing organism that requires great care when handling, and I do not think Barack is qualified to touch it with a ten foot pole. Aside from the economy, I believe that Obama has the ability to lead the country into a level of peril it hasn't seen. 

Am I really upset:  Yes and No. I'm upset in that I hate that this is how it's turned out, and that the next four years are going to be tumultuous at the least. At the same time, there's nothing that I can do about it... I voted, I spoke my mind, and 53% of the country (roughly) disagreed with me, so I'll take my knocks and go home. 

Am I worried: Yes. Please see my post below, from Carlton, to see why; it's 100% true. 

Obama has inheritted a strangled economy, two wars, the largest national debt in history and a nation that is extremely polarized; He'd *really* better know what he's doing, or else he's going to be up the creek without a paddle really fast. 

4191 Men and Women have died fighting in Iraq and another 553 in Afghanistan. Whether you agree with our reasons of entry, these are our American brothers and sisters; and we HAVE made a difference there. If we pull out now, all those deaths will have been in vain as the country will be retaken by the same forces who ran when we entered. We'll loose our single foothold in the most unstable region in the country; and he's already talking about an exit plan. I know people who have been in Iraq, and I know people who are going to Iraq... each and every single one of them will tell you that we're making a difference, every day, and that we can't leave now. CNN and MSN may portray different angles, but American soldiers want to finish the drill. 

The redistribution of Wealth, we should first (as the Great Ken Foster says) examine our past before applying ideas to our future. To date, there is one economically "successful" communist / socially-progressive country in existence: China. In order to preserve rule over their population, human rights violations are committed daily... This cannot be America's future. I work at least 50 hours a week so that I can provide the kind of life my wife and I want. She works and goes to school so that we can purchase our wants when WE want to. I give back; just recently we put together one of those Shoebox for kids things, I have nothing against giving back to the community.. in fact, I'm 100% for it. Include pets too, because I give a $1 every time I'm at Petsmart, thank you. But, if you take more of my POST TAX money and choose to redistribute that any way you please, regardless of the fact that I worked for it, that's stealing. 

Lets keep in mind; Robin hood didn't steal from the Rich and give to the poor; that's not how the story went. Robin hood stole from the government that oppressed and taxed its constituents to the point of destitution

Obama is not some white-clad Knight in Shinning armor; he's a motivational speaker with a forked tongue. He wants to take your hard earned money, and he wants to give it to someone who is either too sorry or too lazy to get up off their ass and get a job. I don't have any tolerance for someone like that... I don't get up every morning and roll out of bed because WORK is the place I just absolutely want to be. I hate leaving Jillian in the morning... but I make that Sacrifice because I want  US to have better lives. No offense Joe the Plumber or Tim the tool man, I'm not doing it for you... I really hope you work and get your wants too, but I'm not going to be your crutch. And what good is Charisma in the Whitehouse? How is Charisma presidential? So Obama is going to be able to talk at me with his devious grin, tell me its going to be OK, and some how it's going to make it OK whenever I see that 51% of my income is going to the government? I want LEADERSHIP, and I want someone who is presidential... some one who isn't afraid to stand up on the world stage and say what they stand for. I want someone who is going to have the balls to back up their statement... the world is full of bullies folks. Bullies with indescribable weapons and an insurmountable hate for our great nation. I want someone who will say "you're not going to hurt them on my watch"... not "I'd hate to piss you off and make a scene, go ahead and do what you need to do ". 

I could continue long into the night, I've got very passionate feeling about this... but, Barack Hussein Obama, the stage is set and the world is waiting... Put up or Shut up. 

I'm terrified.  

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cindy glawson said...

Good Gosh! Who raised you two? I am proud that you and Katie are smart enough to have such definite views on these issues.