Friday, November 7, 2008


So I was working on a big long post (at work, big deal) going back over the patch with a fine tooth comb, figuring out what was going to transpire, etc... when a bombshell dropped.

CJ texted me saying I had to read MBJ's latest post.

Turns out, Mythic listened to the community.

MBJ posted addressing serveral of the issues that have popped up in the 71 page thread generated from his original post over the past day. Sweeping, community-based changes that really will help keep some subs under their belt as Wrath's release date steadily approaches.

The Changes:

BW's and Sorcs will have their crit chance reduced with added combustion
Sorc's Word of Pain (Bomb-stack) will change from a 3 application w/will power buff to a single application with a resist debuff. Changed the 2sec cast Silence to an Insta to match the BW's.
Change grudge generation from 5 / 3 /1 to 10 / 5 /3 along with lowering the required amount of grudge for a few abilities
Decreased the Large heal from 3seconds to 2.5 and reduced the interupt/set back chance to 50%
Melee healers - increases the channeled melee heal from 250% to 350% of damage dealt.
Chosen - Acknowledge a high potential of class bugs along with altering Stats that effect some abilities (Quake, Blast Wave and Bane shield) from INT to STR.
"altering aura code" to make them more twistable
Marauders - Revise the stats that effect some abilities from INT to STR

Thank. you. Mythic.

These changes were several of which the community were asking for. Its really nice to see that they are listening to what the community is asking for.

I recant in an OBama-esque style (he too back his middle class tax cuts) on my last post. Mythic, 1.05 and 1.1 are really shaping up.

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