Thursday, November 6, 2008

C&C.. disapointment?

If you've read the patch notes; which I know only 1 person has... then you know what I'm talking about. 

Not *the great patch to end all patches*... but 1.05 was really being touted by MBJ himself as to being something the whole community would get behind. It was going to be a massive Career and Combat patch.. with some "Tough Love" for some classes that were over performing, and some much needed Love for certain classes; All classes were getting a much needed tweak. 

Everyone on the forums knew the tough love was going to Bright Wizards. Everyone just _knew_ it.. it seemed like MBJ, himself, all but said it. 

DPS increases across the board.

Bright Wizards got a BUFF. Their DoT's, the arguably most complained about ability on the forums, got increased?! Wheres the logic in that? Yes.. firecage got adjsuted and moved out of Tier 
1... but that was across the board; Magus / Engineer's and Sorcs were effected. But a DoT buff? I 
mean, what game are they playing? Cause we're playing different ones... I'm not one to cry and whine nerf, but I mean BW's did NOT need an increase. 

Chosen - completely glossed over. I had this guy on Mordred, named Stormstrike... he was a lvl12 THANE; him and my Chosen are going to get along real well. Seeping strike got slightly increase... THANK GOD! My DoT style will tick for 19 per tick instead of 15.. WHEW. Lotta hard work put into that one, man! Completely ignore auras 
being pointless, Blast Wave using INT as the primary stat, and Str not effecting Ravage's damage at all... by all means, make sure that seeping Strike is hitting slightly harder; thats what matters! I'm mean, at least give me cool AE Hammers to cast... don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining. 

An Ironbreaker Nerf? lol.. I mean; Ok so someone has to slap my grudge friend 50 times before 
I'm at maxed grudge? Awesome! I wish I could live that long... ! 

Squig Herders and Shadow Warrior got a little love... good for them, I'm really glad. Magus and Engineer's got some love... people who play them are bitching, but at least they didn't get skipped over. 

Sword Masters and BO's... sword masters got some defensive love; which I mean... w/e. I wish they'd make Sword Masters offensive, thats kind of their deal, lore wise...but so long as they're useful. Black Orcs got some adjustments, some good some bad... but I mean come on, they're the best destro tanks atm, why seperate them from chosen even more?

Healing... this is where I really scratch my head. In a game where the TTK for RvR on a non healed target is miniscule anyways, and a game where the HPS to DPS balance is oh so fragile... you increase DPS across the board... then you nerf healing? Welcome to DPSAMMER: Age of Facerolling.  I mean seriously... its math people:  1500 / 15 seconds is more per tick than 1500 / 24 seconds... that's going from non-adjusted  300 / tick to 185/ tick... when you increase DPS across the board, 185 / tick isn't going to cut it. period. end of story. Then, on top of the HoT nerfs, you nerfed direct healing on the two AP-Based healers by further crippling them, AP wise, for their insta-small heals. I don't understand the direction Mythic is trying to push... increasing DPS while decreasing healing is going to be terrible, end game wise, for the player base. You've already got a couple of classes that underperform healing wise... Shaman and Archmage are way too Hot-ty (in a burst situation, they CAN'T cover the dps spread).. now you're gutting their HoT's along with the DPS absorbers (Zeal and RP) ability to heal... all while increasing the total DPS that players are going to be recieving. 

"B"--> 4 --> 3. B --> 8 --> 2. B -->8-->8. 

In Counter-Strike..that's a M4A1, Body Armor and Kevlar and Extra Ammo. Mythic, if i wanted to play an FPS, I'd play that... Valve perfected FPS's really. 

Don't succumb to the WoW BS!! MMO's are not ONLY about DPS output numbers! It's about sustained, organized combat!It's about getting that clutch heal in at just the right time, getting that root or snare it, or running back and punting DPS on your healers. 

Now its just a competition to see who's DPS can kill who the fastest.. and thats just BS. 

Now: these changes aren't  LIVE yet, they're going up on the Public Test. So I'm going to test, test, test and then submit feedback. 

There were some birght spots; don't get me wrong... rotating scenarios (as intended) really are nice, and the magnet fixes were apparently needed.. but for a C&C(!!!) patch, I felt underwhelmed. 

It's really kind of disapointing =(

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