Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fixes then....

So the other day I posted some feelings on WAR (still nothing but <3>
Hokay, so... (here is deh earf, ROUND). 

Open RvR Changes:
  • Decrease Scenario RP/XP Gain by Half. You want people in the "frontiers"? Then you've gotta take scenario's down to where Open RvR is more 'profitable'.
  • RvR Token-Based Loot Dungeon Accessible by only the Realm with the most Keeps locked down. Give people an incentive to RvR and take and hold keeps.... This is DF from DAoC. 
  • Relics - Give the realms something to REALLY fight for. Make Fortress and The Maw the equivalent of Relic keeps from DAoC; have relics be influencial in RvR too (+5% damage, +5% healing). 
  • RvR 'missions' / rewards - Since we're such a Carrot - stick -horse MMO generation now. Give defenders an incentive to defend Keeps in the form of RP's / XPs. Make Battlefield objectives = 500xp per level of character, and Keeps = 750xp per level of Character.
  • RvR Kill Collectors - Make certain areas (keeps and BO's) Yield Kill-Collector "kills" for the defending realm. Turnin-able at something like 100 renown / 400 xp per kill. 
  • REALM ABILITIES - Give the playerbase a REAL reason to hit rr80. Give abilities like IP/Purge/Det/Charge instead of all these meaningless, tiny passive bonuses. 
  • Passive Keep Bonuses - Make each Keep controlled, over 2, provide bonuses to the realm. 
For instance.. 3rd Keep controlled - +3% Gold in RvR & PvE
 4th Keep controlled - +5% Xp in RvR
                                 5th Keep Controlled - +5% AP for the entire realm
  • Zone Contribution - Take PvE out of any zone locking contribution. WAR is about War being EVERYWHERE, and is RvR-Centric. PvE Public Quests should not influence how a zone is controlled, RvR wise. Make war, and zone control, all about getting out in your RvR area and TAKING objectives & keeps, and killing people
  • Bounty Point / Fame system - already appears to be being talked about. But have another 'experience' tier (BP's or Fame) that can be traded in for Potions, siege equipment, Keep-upgrade funds, etc. 

Another huge piece is Itemization. Make Renown gear like it was in Beta... I mean, the badassiest of the badass. If I'm RR11 Rank11 in Tier 1; I should be a beast to mess with, cause I've obviously put in the RvR time. Make the gear purchasable at keeps worth something. That alone will help people take a defend keeps... as it is, I've got a 22 Chosen who I haven't touched RvR gear since lvl8... because it ISNT WORTH IT. The stats are aweful, and they're 10x worse than any RNG you can get in PVE. I really hate to say it.... I hate too... but take a lesson from WoW on Itemization: make the best RvR stat-gear only earnable thru RvR, and the best PvE-Stat gear only earnable thru PvE. 

I could add a section on Class balance... so far as RDPS vs. MDPS vs. Tanks & Healers. But I think Mythic is really moving in the right direction. I think the KotBS is going to be a great addition to order in that will really give order a 'nice' looking tank with Chosen-esque aruas... and the Blackguard is going to be a great anti-magic addition to Destruciton. I think they're moving towards the right path on class balance... upcoming Open RvR changes are going to be crucial, however. 

Yes, I do realize that most of these are DAoC-ripoffs. But ya know what? DAoC RvR *worked*.. don't fix it if it isn't broke. 

Something else Mythic needs to do... Swallow their pride and merge servers. WAR only functions in a High Popuation environment... take all of the low/low servers and merge them.. and come out with only a few High/Highs. Wait Queues are fine... WoW has proven that people will wait in line to play. If they prove to be problematic, then increase server #'s 1 at a time, regulating your game-population. 

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