Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Should we gear up?

Ok, so the Dem's have won the house, senate and the white house.. now time to deal with the fallout.

Whats something that democrats are fans of? (all together) firearms!

So, knowing that... should we prep ourselves for the two, more than likely, years that they'll have control of all three? Last time we saw a Democratic controlled house, senate and white house was the passage of the Brady Bill, which placed massive restrictions on firearm sales and the classifications of "assault weapons"... because we all know that criminals use M4's and M-14's.... and they buy them all from legit dealers too.

Anyways, this isn't a Brady Bill Rant... I've been trying to save up, in conjunction with paying for a new computer, bills, a honeymoon, cash, over-paying bills... for something "extra". Before Nov 4th, I was thinking probably a 28" LCD monitor and give my 22" to Jill (extra 19" wide anyone?). I've talked about getting an Civilian version of an M-4 though.

Sure.. the M-4 ISN'T practical.. and YES, I already have an AK-47. Still, the thing is, I can buy a 28" monitor after January 20th... the Brady Bill was in effect for 8 years, and during that time there was a restriction on what rifles you could buy; so after Jan 20, I may not be able to buy that M-4.

Do I *need* it? No
Do I have a real use for it, practical or impractical? Not really, aside from Range time.

But.. if they told you that something you greatly desire was about to become illegal, would you buy it just so you could have it before it became unavailable for the next 8years? Computers would be a great example.... computers are *essential*, they're just a nice-to-have.. so if they were making computers illegal, would you buy one?

Remember, it's a large investment too... $900 for the rifle I'd like.

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Jillian said...

Does your wife have a say in the matter?! =)