Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaBloPloMo Watch - Day 3

Today had lunch with TD at a local bar-food restaraunt thing here in Towne Lake. Had a ton of fun... I hardly ever find the time to take a full lunch hour (usually about 20 minutes).. but took the whole hour today, even slipped in a tad late, heh. Had a great time though, talking football, health & diets, the economy, mine and his jobs and just shooting the crap.. it was a ton of fun; I wish we'd do it more often.

Speaking of fun.. this saturday looks like I'm gonna be riding to Chattanooga with Jeremy to work some kind of festival or event or something. He does side work for a marketting company and sets up and run the booths for various companies at big events and stuff. So anyways, he asked me if I wanted to tag along and get the chance to back a racecar off a trailer and zip it around a parking lot.. he kind of needs a little help; might have torn his rotator cuff =( So I said sure, I'd love the chance to! It should be fun... hanging out, eating free vendor food, people watching etc. Jill's gonna have a girls night that night I think...

Speaking of Vendors though; found out going back to present @ a conference again this year; guess mine this past year didn't go to bad. This year its going to be at Biloxi, MS, which is much better than Nowhere, PA. Crappy thing is, I think I'm gonna have to leave the day after Valentines day =/ Business trips are fun, and its always good to network with a lot of other vendors, CU's and companies.. but I always feel bad leaving Jill. I worry about her =(

Saw the most satanic thing ever in the grocery store yesterday... Fat Free White Chocolate Mocha creamer... Oh-my-gosh. That's like, my coffee-ecstasy dream come true... just a scant week after quiting coffee and energy drinks. **BUT** Here's what I'm thinking; I'll drop the Coke Zero's for coffee (in moderation). So many places say that diet sodas are as bad for you, if not potentially worse, than alcohol according to some. So I think that if I were to start subbing out Coke Zero for coffee, so long as I don't go back to a Pot at a time (maybe.. 3 cups a day?) I'd be ok. But then there is the convenience factor when it comes to cokes... cans and bottles travel well =( But My Oh My do I love a good cup of coffee.. its like, food/drink for the soul

So this was just kind of a scatter-shot blog... but thats pretty much whats on my brain! Now to try and grind out to 75 or log into work while doing laundry and waiting on Jill to get home..


cindy glawson said...

I am glad that you are giving up the red bull. :) A little coffee is not a bad thing, sort of takes the edge off of things!

Pat said...

Congrats on being asked to present again!! I am sure you are wonderful!! And I agree with your mother...stay away from the energy drinks a but a cup or two of coffee won't hurt!