Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... is.. INTENSE. JEEEZ.

Not sure I'm gonna fall asleep anytime soon, despite laying down and trying to.. it's very fast paced, and very frantic. The AI is extremely smart as well.. doesn't look like I'll be beating this on 'hard / veteran' any time soon. Trying hardened, but man that stuff is tough.

Dunno about the story... so far it doesn't feel as "solid" as Modern Warfare 1, to be honest. It's a little sporadic and jumps from here, to there, to here, to there. But I think some of the pieces are coming together.

But man; it is no stop action... defending a Diner in D.C. from waves of airborne troops felt like i was one of the poor little infantry I commanded in World in Conflict (another PC game).. it was pretty awesome.

bed time.. I hope.


cindy glawson said...

Bet I know how you will be celebrating Veteran's Day. :)

Katie Jones said...

Hey, how come your RSS feed isn't updating? I didn't even know you were doing NaBloPoMo... my feed hasn't updated on your blog in a long time. I noticed Jillian's side feed on her blog has you posting 2 months ago, too.

driverindir said...