Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four Days in a Row

It's a record or something I think.

Not much happened today...doing a ton of analysis for work and upcoming projects, trying to avert disaster on a current project, and trying to be proactive and get on the good-side of things for next year on another project. So... basically, its just a buncha projects.

Ordered my new PC for work; should be in sometime early next week... dual 26" monitors!

Druid hit 75 just a minute ago... go go 300g in training costs. Only 2 more levels till I can fly in Northrend though.

Only had 1 Coke zero since I got home. I haven't been terribly productive around the house tonight (although, I have been productive). I was going to rake and bag the yard again.. but this getting dark at like, 6:30, sucks for doing yard work.

Our two beautiful, but smelly boys have an appointment this saturday to get their haircut. It's always such a pain to carry them on Saturdays; not because there hard to deal with.. but because of all the tiny sad faces begging for a good home on "Adoption Saturdays" at Petsmart. They all tug at my tiny heart strings with their sad little faces that light up like christmas when you walk by or scratch them on the nose. I wish I could adopt them all and give them the love they need.

Anyways... not much for tonight; not really in a writing mood, but I didn't wanna give out on day 4!

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