Monday, November 2, 2009


So we're good for 2 out of the 30 now..

I don't know what I'm gonna write about for 30 days. Most of my thoughts are mainly really random, and bounce from subject to subject. I could write about Chernobyl one day, a WoW druid the next, Coke Zero, Caffeine Addiction, and the tribulations of working with incompentent people... and nothing would really "flow", or make too much sense. Usually my hands are about 12 thoughts behind my head, so sometimes my hands can ramble while my brain has completed the thought process and move on to something else...
Speaking of...

Anyways... so Caffeine Addiction & Energy Drinks. I've recently went "clean".. haven't had an energy drink in 2 weeks or so. And really; it wasn't that bad... especially when you consider how much caffeine I drank

  • 1 (or 2) Large Sugarfree redbulls everyday ($3.50 per can)
  • Someday's add in a Redline 7hr Energy Shot ($3.29 per thing)
  • Sometimes tack on a Redline regular ($2.99 on sale!)
  • Then there's the pot of Coffee at night (negligible.. except for creamer)
  • Oh.. and starbucks double Venti White Chocolate Mochas. ($4.29 per)

All in a day sometimes. The financial benefits of being free from energy drinks are amazing, lol.
Also... the funny thing? WAY more energy since I've quit drinking them... WAY more. No more midday doldrums, no more crashing at night, no more inconvenience of having to always be near some place to get a redbull to avoid the headaches. Any time you have to have something to avert a physical condition from happening... thats your body telling you it's time to stop. But the energy is amazing. Something else that's odd.. the ability to cope with stress. I never got the "jittery" feeling that many people describe, however, at work I was frequently "on edge" as I work in a very stressful and fast paced field. Without caffeine, I make much more well thought out, and less knee-jerk decisions.. I don't get overly stressed (as bad at least), and I don't have a constant feeling of urgency; yet everything gets done just as quickly, maybe even quicker. Focus might be one area where I can see some detrimental effects... I don't feel as 'focused' sometimes, but thats not entirely a bad thing as I'm required to multi-task constantly. While I have cut out energy drinks, I haven't cut caffeine out entirely. I'm currently drinking between 2 and 3 Coke Zero's a day.. just for a little pep, and to slooooooowly come off of the caffeine dependency.

Anyways... if you currently are drinking Redbulls, Redlines, Energy Shots, 5hr Energy drinks.... put'em down. If I can, anyone can. You'll be happy in the long run, you'll save a ton of money, and your liver will thank you immensely.

EDIT: Sigh, you just can win... damn you coke Zero's and your aspertame:

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Jillian said...

your wife will thank you too when you're still alive from not having a heart attack or liver failure =) Great job babe, I'm proud of you!