Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So really it's nothing special... but, I really enjoyed cooking dinner last night. 

Jill had a *really* bad headache... I think it's cause its fall, and ragweed is really kicking right now, and everyone is just allergy-misserable. So I got home yesterday, did the dishes (unloaded and loaded, thank you. Even cleaned the drain thing... and I really have this thing with food in there and water... and; yeah, it's just gross) and picked up a lil. She was supposed to get home about 8pm, so I started getting the burgers ready about 7:30 (scenario'd it up before, w00t). Cause I'd gone grocery shopping this past saturday, I'd bought some really good meat to cook so I was kinda excited ;P

Mixed everything with the meat (little salt, pepper, touch of beer (lol), worchestishire (wtf hate spelling), onion powder and a little hot sauce) then started preheating the oven. Jill ended up getting home a little early, so I was still getting everything ready.. but thats all good. But it was such a NICE night last night... it was like the perfect weather. 68 outside, a little breezy and no clouds... So, even if I don't have the biggest backyard in the world; it was just a really nice moment to be outside, cooking burgers, sipping a beer looking out at my backyard at my house. There may just be three trees in the backyard, it may be unlandscaped and need cutting; but it's the best damn backyard ever! ....It's just really cool to see how things have turned out, and then whats ahead... it was like one of those crazy Zen moments or whatever. It was really nice. 

So the burgers finished, the tater-tots (w00t) got done.. finnally. Then Jill and I sat down and ate everything while watching this past weeks episode of the office.... it was just a really great night. 



Jillian said...

what a cute hubby-to-be =)

Katie Jones said...

Andy: I'm excited to lose weight for the wedding, because I really want to have washboard abs the first time Angela sees me naked.

Andy: Every little boy fantasizes about his fairy-tale wedding.

Andy: Hey. So, since my little lady has such particular, impossible to perceive taste, I have made nonrefundable deposits at four totally different wedding locales: Hot-air balloons over Napa Valley, world-famous Walt Disney's Epcot Center, scuba-diving wedding in the Bahamas and the Wilkes-Barre Marriott Ballroom C.
Angela: Dangerous. Tacky. Sharks. Haunted. No.

Jillian said...

HAHAHAHAHA...that's to Katie's comment