Monday, September 29, 2008

Lets talk about resists...

Another nerd post... woot. This one may be short tho, because I'm sitting in the queue for the server. 

Ok, so it looks like Resist get applied *after* the damage calculation has been made. 

So, lets go back to our ability formula:

Special = (((Str/10)*2 + WDps)*1.5+Add)*(1-Armor)  where Armor is the percentage value of melee mitigation, converted to a decimal... so 61.4% mitigation would be .614 yadda yadda yadda.

So it appears that resists (or in melee's case, toughness) get applied post-formula. This isn't a massive deal or anything; just figuring out how things work. 

Magic attacks, that are based of strength (chosen, w00t) appear to have a tactical advantage, as they ignore all armor, and melee mitigation (at least on medium and up targets) appears to be significantly less that magic resistances. 

For a Chosen's Ravage.. the forumla would look like this:
Special = (((Str/10)*2 + WDps)*1.5+Add)*(1-Resistance)

Where, on a tank or medium melee DPS, you'll see armor values as high as 75%.. resistances typically run somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30%, with 50% achievable being buffed. However, when dealing with Chosen you've got to take into account resist debuff aura's and Blast Wave.... but then there's also Armor Debuffs too. 

Basically... this post just kind of correlates how the forumlas change in relation to the Chosen. Which is cool with me... cause that's what I play ;P 

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