Friday, October 3, 2008

2 Week hiatus

So yeah, CJ and TJ won't be on for like two weeks... which kinda sucks; but it's still OK cause me and Jill have got a lot to do in order to gear up for the wedding. Still though, I'll miss playing in a foursome... once you have a pocket healer or two that can cover your mistakes; PUG healing really isn't what its cracked up to be. 

Think me and Jill are rolling Witch Hunter / Witch Hunter... to keep us busy during any 'off' time or whatever you wanna call it. It's not the most ideal duo by any means; because you've got zero healing and zero buffing.... but, by God, whatever target we latch on to is going down before we do. After that tho; we're kind of at the mercy of our PUG healer; which if we're in Nordenwatch is most likely going to be a WP who is going to only heal themselves because they think either: 1) "LOLWTFOMG-RETADIN" or 2) "WTFHEALMYSELFBBQ".... those are typically the WP mentalities. 

I mean, sure the WP doesn't have the best 'keep the group up' heal mechanic, since it's not AP based.. and their Bigheal is mitigated by armor and can be blocked/parried/dodged... but still, learn to play the class. Most scenarios... you'll see a WP healing only themselves; you can be in a train, and he/she won't defensive target you to heal or buff... they're just out there to keep themselves alive as long as possible. To heck with everyone else... anyways, I'll save my "I can play your class better than you can" rant for another post. 

Another Duo I want to hit again... is the tank/melee healer combo. Me and CJ played a IB / WP the first couple days after release... simply *AMAZING* survivability with that duo. We've got a BO / DoK that's like... level 5 now; the same type of suvivability just isn't there though. BO's just don't have the same mechanic and feel as a IB (which are insane imo.. 'the' premier tank of any MMO I've played) and DoK's are geared a lot more towards offense rather than defense. I think the BO / DoK will come into their own; but I think it'll be 20/21 instead of 10/11 like the WP was (Tier 2 instead of Tier 1).  Supposedly a SM / AM is a decent combo... and I'm weird, but I don't think the SM's look that bad... the thing is tho, I always ignore them on my Chosen... so I don't want to dedicate the time to something thats gonna suck. 

Been there (pre-NF Armsman), done that, got the T-shirt.  

Normally I get really bad alt-idus.  I'll start a 'main' with Carlton... then by the time they're 50 or whatever, i've already got 2 or 3 other toons who are like, mid thirties.. and will argue that, despite being subpar, they could work in the duo... I dunno; I like options I guess. I'm not having that problem too much in WAR though; I really do love my chosen... I'm having to keep myself from playing him too much, cause I don't want to outlevel everyone. I'm already halfway thru 20, and everyone else is 18-ish... sooooo. It's cool tho, Rank 20, Realm Rank 18... it's the most involved / dedicated I've ever really been with a class... and carlton is the one with like a 13 Witch elf... lawlz ;P

I've gotta get back to work =(   New Branch opening on tuesday (holy crap Tech Services gets TWO days notice for it), Walking thru the building with an Electrician and trying to negotiate terms on a generator install today, I've got to work on the two committees stuff that I'm involved in, we've got 13 tickets open.. and I'm fresh outa creamer for my coffee. 

I'll probably post up some more WAR stuff or something today. I haven't been play testing working on theory-crafting or anything lately; just been enjoying the game!

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