Friday, October 3, 2008

One last, sad realization

Talked to Carlton yesterday.. .

With WAR out now; we'll (more than likely) never play our Original Duo ever again. I'll never log onto the armsman and be like "wtf did I level him for". 

In all reality, I hadn't logged him in but like 4 times the last year I played DAoC... but still. 

Myrddral has what... I think 58 days /played. It might be closer to 70 tho. He's like, RR 3L9? My rank 20 chosen has more realm points than my 6 year old Armsman does. 

But still its kinda sad. A lot of time and investment was dumped into him; and I met a lot of really cool people through him (and a lot of people, either in chat, guild, alliance or vent kenw me as 'myrd') over 6 years...People from Africa, a bunch of damn Canadians, some Atlantians, fought some Cartersvillians (heh)... and did some pretty crazy stuff with him (I was high-dex, MoB3+ before it was cool).

I may see if I can get any RAW footage from FRAPS with him and Darminthas (Carlton's over 100 day's played Scout... and the other half of our original duo) and just toss something together. It may have to be all screenshots tho, because FRAPs wasn't around in 2002 =).. I think I've got about 1400 Screenshots total from Dark Age..a bunch of them 2002-2004 when I played Myrd the most. 

lol Darkmoore raids (pre-dragon), Running between keeps in OF chasing Svendap &... whats-his-face.  Getting jumped at Alb-MG in emain by like, 9 archers... and had like 31 blocks in a row (still died.. poor gimp thing)... anyways...

Good Times. 

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Katie Jones said...

What a shame to see Myddral and Darminthas go the way of the dodo. Those were the good old days. Lantana, Bright 'N Shiny, and of course the cheerleading Lurikeens who brightened the days of anyone near them (/cheer) have already bit the dust. "One for me and one for my homies!"