Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Please read my last post

because this could happen to you. 

This is after I'd crawled back from in front of the car and had laid over the bike. The Paramedics are trying to check if I'm conscious, had all of my fingers, and if anything was broken.

This is the actual impact location. The bike is in about 60 or so pieces. you can see the windscreen (which was inches from my face) in the middle of the image. 

This motorist wasn't paying attention; he didn't see me. The glare wasn't in his face, the sun in his eyes, raining or anyting... It was a beautiful day. 

This is what happens when you don't dedicate 100% of your attention to the road and your surroundings. 

Paramedics who took me to the hospital said that the gear I had spend all the extra money on had probably saved my life, along with the MSF course training. I think it was that and the grace of God; very rarely does anyone walk away from 1 motorcycle accidents, let alone two in the same day. 

From the accident I recieved:

Road Rash on my Elbow
Road Rash on my Knee
Swollen Knee
Swollen Hip
Swollen Ankle
Swollen lower back
Soreness/discomfort beyond measure. 

this is miniscule compared to what COULD have happened. 

Please... pay attention. Look twice, save a life. 


cindy glawson said...

Very Scary photos. Whew. Almost too scary to look at........I am so thankful you walked away from this.

Katie Jones said...

Scary, scary, scary! I'm glad you're okay now! Very lucky. As Katie Anne said, "Good - Greg didn't bust his crazy head."

Pat said...

wow....yes! Too scary to look at! No wonder my daughter was hysterical!! You are a VERY blessed young man!