Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 2 - Philly

Day 2 is a lot less exciting that Day 1..

Technically the conference "starts" today, but really it's just registration, checkin and a vendor showing tonight; classes and conference Jazz starts tommorrow. There was some optional training this morning at another CU, but I didn't go to it because of transportation and cost. So today is just a hang-out in the room kind of day. 

I was going to go to the mall; but it's pretty dreary out.. it's about 40 degrees and pouring rain, so I don't think I'm going to weather the shuttle out to the mall... I'll probably just grab me something quick to eat at the bar downstairs and come back up to the room. 

yesterday we had a couple of power outages at the CU (go go Generator Justification) and that caused some delayed problems thru this morning; so I've been working since I got up. It's been a long kind of morning. 

So that's pretty much Day 2 in a nutshell.. it's just working, but from a Hotel in King of Prussia. Excitement abounds! 

Meet and Greet Edit:   Last night was fun... I sat at a table with Two porject managers from Member's Choice CU, a Symitar programmer from Missouri Fed and a IT Manager from AmeriChoice (who are converting to Symitar in November). Had fun talking about things that our CU has done vs. what others have done. We're pretty far ahead of the curve, despite our size and small IT staff, and everyone had questions about implementation time, project lead time and costs. We talked about random, personal stuff too... one of the project managers was recently married and she was talking about her Honeymoon (they did a mini-moon and big honeymoon too), so then we talked about Italy, everyone asked what it was like etc... the other PM from MembersChoice had two kids and she was talking about the cost of tutition, and the Guy from AmeriChoice's son looked about going to Georgia Tech... so it was cool to get to know some people and get some contact information for future projects and all that good jazz. 

The food was really good and CuTek gave out free drink vouchers... so I had a Beer and a Scotch on the rocks. Afterwards some people went to the bar to hang out... most people peetered out early though; so I had a beer and talked with a couple of guys from PA credit unions and talked about the Phillies and Football in the North vs. Football in the South.. and then headed up stairs to call it a night...

EDIT: I've actually got a lot more to add about Day 2; the Meet 'n Greet was last night and that went really well. I've got a couple of sessions today since today is the first 'real' day of class. I'll update Day2 and do a Day3 Journal later on tonight. 



cindy glawson said...

Give us a buzz if you get bored. Tomorrow lots of folks are coming to check the house and dad will be hanging out till lunch. I will be bored in the mail truck ALLLLLL day. Talk about super dull. WHEW. Try to have a good time and enjoy. That's Patty's home town!

Katie Jones said...

Hope Day 3 is more fun! Don't leave bloody footprints in the snow at Valley Forge.