Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been a busy couple of weeks

So, first post since the 26th... yikes.

We got the new server in and implemented on Saturday; the symitar tech who was sent out from california said it was one of the smoothest conversions he had ever been involved with. We did a *TON* of prep work, so he didn't have to... the conversion only took 2 hours (he was sent out here for 4 days, just incase).  Even though I know most who read this blog won't care... but:

We went from:

IBM RS 6000,  (1) 2.3Ghz PowerI5 Processor, 2048MB RAM,  6x74GB 15K SCSI Drives using a 80mm AME Tape Drive 


IBM Power6 510, (4) 4.2Ghz Power6 Processors, 8.6GB Ram, 6x350GB 15K SCSI Drives with a Ultirium LTO4 Tape drive. 

I ran a bunch of Stress tests on the Box yesterday.. transaction history searches, full DB queries... everything shattered what the old box could run it in. The big test was lastnight though... even after my big Streamlining project, our Nightly process that closes out each business day took 2hrs 11minutes consistantly.  Last night the new Box finished the entire process in 17 minutes.... that's a 87% reduction in downtime with one fell swoop. It's quite a nice feather in Tech Services cap, thats for sure. 

Jill was gone over the weekend to NC... and I missed her a TON. The house is very quite and boring without her. I tried to keep myself busy all weekend to not really have a ton of down time, but at night it was pretty lonely. I rode the bike a whole lot, went to the bday party, worked a good bit; but it was still really lonely all the time. It's going to suck next week when I go off for business to PA... I've got a conference I've got to go to in Valley Forge (no speaking about a product this time though, which is nice), where it'll be just me in PA.. my boss isn't going; so I'm gonna be really really bored. =(

Bike Riding.... Riding has gone really well, getting the hang of it a lot more, still learning new little nuances everyday. I've put over 1,000 miles on it since I got it, looking to put a lot more on it before winter ;) While Jill was gone I used it to take up some of my spare time... put 4 coats of wax on it, Adjusted my chain, cleaned my chain and sprocket, rode to Rome, rode around Kennesaw/Acworth/Cartersville/Woodstock. Trying to get accustomed to a new riding position (technically it's the 'proper' position).. make handling and carving corners phenominal, but it's an ab workout... 

anyways, more post later... gotta wrap this up and get to working. 

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Katie Jones said...

Four paragraphs about a new server? A long paragraph about motorcycling?

All your niece's fun and fabulous second birthday extravaganza gets in review is...

"went to the bday party"

To quote the nasty old lady in The Princess Bride: "Boo to you! Boo, Buttercup! Boo, boo, boo!"