Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Second Ride

So I got a new Battery today during lunch, and found out that there's a honda dealership right near our Towne Lake branch... so thats really cool. 

Got home, dropped the new Battery in (omg hate tiny washers) hustled upstairs to change so I could be on the road and back before dark. I'm going to put up a post of all the gear I've got, with pictures.. but here's the long and skinny:

Shoei Diablo RF-1000 Helmet
Alpinestars "Bat" Pants
Alpinestars Staged Perforated Leather Jacket
Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves
Alpinestars Vented S-MX Plus Boots
Icon Field Armor Vest
(For To-Work travel; Icon's Men Textile Arc Pants)

So I put everything on, go down the garage and start it and let it get to about 140 degrees before pulling it out. Close the garage door and I was off =)

I went up baker, which wasn't too trafficy at this point (got caught by two redlights though).. I hoped on Cowan/92 and jumped over to Main Street Acworth... dropped down to Nance and cut across to 41. Once on 41, I shot up to Kemps Ridge (behind Walmart), jumped back on 92 then down to Main.. back onto cowan then baker, then I was home. 

Riding is very sureal... There is something distinctly different between riding thru acworth in a Car and on a bike. First off.. you *drive* a car, you ride a bike. There really is a huge difference... for a little while, you and the bike are like one solid entity.. you lean, it turns, you pitch forward, it accelerates, you sit up, it slows down... there's just so much connection between rider and machine than there is in a faceless car... its hard explaining it without experiencing it.  You miss out on so much in your car.. the smells of restraunts, the sounds, the feel of hovering just above the road, just.. the freedom. It's really hard to explain, so I think I'll stop now.. lol. 

Just finished up straightening up the house a little, folding some clothes, changing the sheets and getting the lugage out. We're starting packing tonight (what we can).. then finishing it up over the next day and a half... I brought the Euro's and the Passports home today, I've got the vouchers, the bags are getting packed, got the airport transport arranged.... It's geettttting close =)

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cindy glawson said...

While you are smelling all these smells and hearing all these sounds please pay attention to the traffic! Sounds like you love it!