Wednesday, March 4, 2009

/hums Leav'n on a Jet Plane...

So tonight... we're getting everything packed and stowed away for the big trip.  it's going to kind of be a hectic couple of days. 

I've got the Euro's converted, our vouchers printered and in a folder, confirmation for the travel to and from the airpor, our passports, the iternerary and all the expedia documents that go with it.  Today I've got to go find a power-converter for US-to-Europe sockets, I think some extra underwear (lol!) and thats it I think. 

When I get home... I've gotta get the luggage out, toss on some clothes to wash, and start straightening up the house... cause we're not gonna have a ton of time to pack tommorrow night, because we've got the concert too. 

So it's gonna be a busy couple of days... but then it's work-free for a week, eating on real italian food touring Florence =) 


Katie Jones said...

Sounds like you've got a lot to do... I hope you guys have a great time! I'm sure I'll talk to you before you leave, but if I don't - Be safe, and I can't wait to see lots of pictures!

cindy glawson said...

You are a busy bee! Be safe and don't talk to strangers. Check your email for Tod and Sandra's London phone in case you need anything.

Trisha said...

if you're checking your bags, be sure to pack that extra underwear in a carry-on... my dad's luggage was lost once on the flights over to eu, and all he had was a complimentary airfrance t-shirt and a "please forgive us and be patient while we find your crap" toiletries bag.

HAVE FUN!!! and try to find an internet cafe to post up a couple pictures so we don't have to wait in suspense until you get back home and rested up!!!!!!