Monday, March 23, 2009

I miss Italy

.. but it's not really Italy.. don't get me wrong, Italy and Rome were *awesome* and very very very cool... but that's not really what I miss. 

I really miss spending the time with Jill. 

When we left NYC after getting engaged, we said that was our favorite trip ever... not just because of getting engaged, but because of all the time we got to spend together while walking / sightseeing / eating ... al the fun we had messing around, eating our bagel and coffee walking to Times Square...  Rome is very very similar in that regard; the most fun we had the whole time was walking down little sidestreets, finding random Coffee houses and ducking in random churches... but it wasn't because of the coffee, churches or monuments that we had such a good time, it was the time that we got to spend together that made it so great. With our Busy schedules that we live day - to -day, our time together is usually filled with activites, to-do's, chores or filled with last moment addons... we don't get to see each other a ton; we're always on the go with school, work, family, church and social obligations. Yesterday was kind of our 'last hurrah' slow weekend together for at least a month... Both of our April calendars are pretty nuts; I'm going to PA. for a week for work, I've got 3 of our budgetted IT projects coming to fruition this month (all of which require off-hours implementation), finals for Jill are at the end of this month, I've got a leadership seminar for 3 days this month, I start summer classes at the end of this month, couple that with normal schedules (church / nweds / working/ school) and it's gonna be just a busy month or so.... with all this coming up, and having just come back from Rome, it just sucks that we're gonna see each other so little this month =(


Chelsea said...

thats so sweet :D

Pat said...

get those calendars out again and schedule some "YOU" time! Even if it means scratching some other activity!!! Love you both!

cindy glawson said...

Very sweet. Experts say most people are happier if they are busy, so you two should be delirious!

Jillian said...

ditto. I love you =)And there is ALWAYS time for US!!!