Monday, March 16, 2009

Italy Walking

Just doing a quick recap of the Italy walked

Italy was great.. btw =)  Please be sure to read Jill's Day-Recap posts 
and stuff to read all about the awesome stuff we saw and the
 awesome time we had

But.. here's a 4 day cap over what we walked... this is without 3 days, two of which were walking tours + City walking for restraunts / shopping etc. 

Day 0:

Day 1:

DAy 2:

Day 7:

So thats right at 24.8 miles in just those days... to me, thats a good bit of walking ;)

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Pat said...

MANN!!!!!! This was a HONEYMOON people!!!! NOBODY has talked about the ROMANCE, the AMBIANCE, the HONEYMOON...????? You were SUPPOSED to be walking the streets of Italy with stars in your eyes....LOL....