Monday, September 22, 2008

Woot, first post?

So I've been keeping a Sea Doo Blog before... but since I sold the 'doo (RIP), I haven't really kept up with it. So, I decided since Katie keeps a blog (which is coool) and everyone is always so busy.. but constantly on their PC's, I'd start one!

Blogs are an awesome place to type out thoughts, ideas and to vent... which is just cool. 

Picked the title.. because, well, that'l be what I write about most I guess =D that and Nerd stuff / number crunching. I'm not shooting for daily updates or anything like that; though I may end up updating it a lot more than I think.... just not setting any massive expectations!

There's gonna be a lot of Nerd talk, numbers and forumlas, schanuzer adoration, church-sp33k and Fiancee/Wive love up in ch'eere... so buckle up!

EDIT: and for you grammar types; there's going to be some aweful sentance fragments, some miss-spellings, over use of hyphens and probably some wrong verb-tensing;. If I'm feeling frisky; I might even make up a couple of words here and there too. So if this bugs you, avert your eyes!

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