Sunday, May 31, 2009

Receipe for the Perfect Summer Evening

Ingredients Needed:

1 Wife
2 Dogs
1 House
1 Grill

2 Shots Gentleman Jack
1 Shot Amereto 
4 Shots Sour Mix
2 Handfulls of Ice
1 Tumbler/Shaker
1 Glass

2 New York Strips
1 Jar Chef K. Paul Blackend Steak Magic
1 Shaker of Black Pepper
1 Bottle of Meat Tenderizer
1 Bottle Worchestershire
2 Ears of Corn
1 Stick of Butter
2 8x10 Pieces of Foil
1 Head of Lettuce
1 Box of Croutons
1 Jar of Asian Salad dressing

Time Required: 6hrs (Marinade) 
15 minutes prep
15 minutes cook

Marinade & Steak Prep:
1) Cut any extra fat from the steak, leaving only a thin line of fat around the edges
2) Poke the steak several times with a fork. 
3) Cover steaks with Meat Tenderizer, Salt, Pepper and Worchestershire, Cover and place in refridgerator for 6 hours. 

Cooking Instructions:
1) Mix 2 Shots of GJ, 1 Shot of Amereto and 4 Shots of sour mix with Ice in a shaker. Pour into glass and use as grill-mate & motivation
3) Turn on grill. Far Left burner --> Low, Middle --> Low, Right--> High (very important)
2) Remove corn from husks and cut off the ends
3) Cover corn in peper, salt and butter then wrap in alluminum foil.
4) Place corn on right side, bottom rack of grill (over high heat).

5) Cut lettuce into "salad like" strips
6) Place salad in bowls, cover with croutons

7) Remove steaks from Refridgerator and marinade
8) cover both sides of steaks with Blackend Steak Magic, making sure to rub spices into all crevices. Then add a touch of Salt, Black pepper & Red Cayen Pepper
9) Place steaks on bottom rack, left side of grill (low heat) 
10) Rotate Corn on the Cob

11) Drink

12) at 4 minutes, CAREFULLY flip steaks making sure to not let the seasoning fall off
13) Re-season as needed
14) Rotate Corn

15) Make another Drink if necessary, if not discuss dog's excess weight.

16) After 4 Minutes, remove Steaks from the grill
17) Once the Steaks have been 'plated', remove Corn from the grill

Serve.. no Steak Sauce needed. The steaks should have a 1/4"-1/3" pink strip thru the entire middle. 


Jillian said...

Perfect =)

Pat said...

uhmmm.....where was the wife???

Jillian said...

that was the first ingredient...READ

cindy glawson said...

:) NICE. I especially loved #15. Discuss the dogs excess weight. LOL

Ramesh Ganesan said...

I will try this soon!