Sunday, May 31, 2009

Priorities shift

So.... after thinking kind of long and hard about what we're going to do with the money from the bike; I think it's time to shift gears a little. 

I don't actually *need* a new computer... a new graphics card? Maybe, but thats $200, not $2800. 

So, what to do with the excess cash... and really, what to do about some shifting priorities?

I think we're going to take the $2800 and invest it in some 'home improvements'. A lot of this stuff are things that we said whenever we moved in that we'd like to do 'down the road'.. so
 now, we're down the road a little bit. I haven't wanted to go into debt for this stuff; especially since we've worked on paying the credit cards off etc... so now kind of seems the right time (plus its summer and who DOESNT want to work on their house during summer?)

So I slung together a little list (and me and Jill haven't talked it over yet... Desire vs. Expectations for you iMarriage pplz) over what I'd like to do, short and long term, for the house. 

Short Term
1) Landscaping
2) Paint Garage
3) Ceiling Fan replacements / Lighting upgrade
4) Appliance Replacement
5) Paint Bedroom
6) Garage Organization

Longterm Goals
1) Faucet Replacement (bathroom hardware)
2) Kitchen Countertop upgrades
3) Surround Sound install
4) Carpet replacement

So that's the list...
1) We've done the 'bulk' of... there's still some work to do on the sides of the house, I need to refertilize the yard, and I'd like to put some stone pavers ( I think thats what they're called) around the trees in the front yard; but maybe not
2) I've already got this planned for next weekend, I just need to buy the supplies. 
3) We went shopping for two 52" fans to match the 60" in our bedroom, but they didn't have them at Home Depot (they have them online, on sale too). So we're just going to have to order them. 
4) We've talked about this before... we're going to do Stove then Refridgerator. Some friends of ours got a fridge just like we need off of CL for like, $600 (stainless). We'd like our stove / DW/ Fridge to all match.. plus I hate our fridge
5) This is something that Jill would really like to do and has mentioned it a couple of times... so I figure why not; everyone needs a little color in their life. 
6) This is probably the 'longest' of the short term, and will be finished sometime this winter. I'd just like some sort of cabinetry and storeage in the garage to keep it from becoming 'just someplace to pile stuff'. 

1) Something I've wanted to do for a long time.. but it's going to take a decent amount of work (not to mention $240 in just faucets). Our bathroom hardware is still all just the 'contractor grade' that was installed with the house, so its in dire need of updating
2) More of a want than a need; it would make our kitchen look a lot nicer. but not 100% set on this however. 
3) Something I've wanted to do since moving in, but just haven't had the willpower to start the work it's gonna take. 
4) Long term.. cause it'd be the last thing we would probably do prior to putting the house on the market; simply because of the boys... we love them, but they've got the carpet-ruining routine down pat. When we do this; they're gonna really get to know the downstairs... 

anyways; just thought I'd share that... trying to piece together a timeline for the shortterm stuff, but I haven't settled on it cause our summer is pretty busy.. but here's a guess:
6/1-6/7: Finish Landscaping
6/6 - 6/7:  Paint Garage
6/15-6/19: Ceiling fan update
7/1-7/30: Appliance update (depends on finding something on CL)
7/18-7/31: Paint bedroom (this may come sooner if Jill sees this)
8/1 - 8/31: Garage Storage

They say writing goals helps you keep them; so maybe this'll help me stay on task. 

Peace out!


Katie Jones said...

Greg "The Tool Man" Glawson!

Good list! We think a lot alike... we did #1, #3, #4, #5 from the short list and #2 from the long list when we moved here. We've got to work on #6 from the short list ourselves. I like the idea of upgrading the builder-grade faucets, but think twice about installing permanent surround sound... you'll have to either leave it when you move, or repair all the holes in the walls.

Pat said...

YOU are the sweetest thing!!! What a WONDERFUL husband you are...we are so proud that our daughter picked you...