Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hope and Change

Quick note: for who ever will read it.

in 2008 we elected Hope and Change, but all we've gotten has been a new War (arguably 2 new ones.. Libya and Yemen), we've doubled the National debt since 2008 (7.51T to 14.568T) and more than doubled our future financial commitments (21.1T under G.W. Bush, 66.7T under Obama), had one of the roughest economic patches in american history, have seen our global status fall like a meteor, our national education level plummet, and now we've seen the last launch of our manned space missions.

I think this last point is very key, in conjunction with the others. America, the first *civilization* to ever put a man on another celestial body... the first of our species to travel beyond our own planet, has now discontinued it's exploration program. It's like a portion of America died on July 8th, 2011. Space exploration, and the technological advancements learned from it, have laid the foundation for much of the technology that we enjoy today. This computer I'm typing on was miniaturized from a warehouse down to a single room (then a single box) largely by the demands of the space agency. The Velcro that we've used to secure items for decades, came from the space industry. Lasers, fiber optic cable, shielded-twisted pair data cables, rocket propulsion systems, our knowledge of our own climate, GPS Satellites, Cell phones, SD cards (that you put your digital pictures on)... all has some how been related to the space program.

I know that the suspension of investment in the space program is "temporary".. but who really knows how long it will be; at the rate that we've been lied to. When a civilization quits pushing themselves harder, quits exploring, and stops reaching for seemingly unreachable goals... what happens?


Melissa[Dino] said...

I understand what you are saying, but then again I disagree.

We have so much we need to work on here before we try to explore other places. I know many things wouldn't have been invented without NASA and such, but we have so many problems here now that more trips to the moon will never cure.

What little leeway we have with money now needs to be spent on "home things" not exploration.

That can also be said about the war. I am completely against it and always have been. Not because of the false premise that was given to the public of "helping teach democracy". Democracy is a beautiful thing and I do believe everyone should be entitled to it. However we are not the supreme nation we boast about. No one is. We have no right to tell someone else how to run their country when we can barely run our own. We are divided.

GTG said...

in response:

How do you know that space exploration will never 'cure' problems that we had here?

Prior to NASA, the information age was just a dream.. the technological advances that have happened in the past 30 years are due in part to the rigorous demands of the agency that propelled us to the moon and back.

Look at history, because that is humanity's greatest teacher. When nations and civilizations choose to discontinue their own propulsion into their chosen region of dominance, then the nations ultimately falter and fail. The United states 'frontier' has constantly been space, we've been the only civilization on the face of the planet that hasn't be satiated with exploring simply our own planet. To discontinue that search for 'more' is to discontinue a portion of the american dream.

With discontinuing the Space shuttle program, 8,000 NASA employees received a pink slip the afternoon that Atlantis returned to earth. I guess that really helps 'home things'.

Being short sighted is the reason that we're in the environment that we're currently in. The American dominance of the late 1800's and early to mid 1900's was due to America had a much grander vision of humanity and American culture than the world could contain. Now we find it sufficient to simply tread water and try to 'fix home things', of which most people don't understand.

But we *ARE* the supreme nation that we boast about. American's have some how been persuaded to think that we're not a supreme nation any longer. We are *THE* symbol of the advancement and possibilities that humanity can achieve. Simply look at the global political, economic, and psychological environments around the globe and say that we're not dominate. When there is a nation disaster in any country, who is the first nation to have aid there? When there is a financial meltdown across the globe, who do other nations turn to? Where there is a humanitarian effort with need of military intervention.. the world has proven that they will wait on America to act.

You live in the greatest nation in the world; you have more freedom, despite what we've been fed through social media pipelines and news organizations, than any other civilization in history, and you have more opportunities to make this world something more than it is simply because you were born in the best nation in the world.

Act like it.

Jimmy said...

As George Carlin said, bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity.

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WM said...

Good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. We are the still the greatest nation to ever exist and people need to start acting like it again. The government has dumbed us down as a whole. They have gotten rid of NASA which is a huge mistake that many people dont even care to think about. Read about everything that Nasa has done for us and stop watching everything you see on FOX.

If you go back 60 years ago people had dreams and ambitions for their life. Kids wanted to be astronauts, police men, scientits. Where did that go? So many kids and adults you see today are so cluless and rely on the internet just to do their homework. Well guess what, the government is trying to take over the internet with all of its regualtions and wikipedia just might not be thier for you.

I could go on about this all day but i wont. So much to say but little time. I provide life insurance in all 50 and have the luxury of talking to all of these people. Most of them have thier heads screwed on right, which is why they are protecting their loved ones.

jeremy said...

That wouldn't change me either.
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ruzzel01 said...

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mothmantis said...

I wanted to cry when I first heard the space program was being cut. When I was a kid I used to dream about the stars. Still do, actually.

I wonder what kids dream about now? Owning a bank? Being a reality TV star?

The universe, the dream of the stars, is inspiring in a way nothing else is. And I feel like we don't dream anymore. We're too busy arguing about birth control and invading other countries.

Pam said...

ah, a thinker who sees the big pic ture. I'm so glad there are still some around.Our schools are in a dumbing down mode. It's so much easier to make people think they're smart than to actually teach them. I agree with so much you have to say. How do we get back in order to move forward?

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Hu Fengxiang said...

I know that the suspension of investment in the space program is "temporary".. but who really knows how long it will be; at the rate that we've been lied to. When a civilization quits pushing themselves harder, quits exploring, and stops reaching for seemingly unreachable goals... what happens?
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