Wednesday, July 8, 2009

World of WarhammerCraft?

I dunno.

What are my biggest complaints about WAR?
  • Broken End Game RvR
  • Broken Balance issues
  • Poor PvE (Leveling & End Game)
  • Very poor MMO 'feel'
  • Feels more like a persistant CS / Third Person shooter
  • Bugs
Biggest Pro's to Warhammer:
  • Scenarios & RvRing to level
  • Experience from RvR
  • Public Quests (the concept)
  • Armor Dying System
  • 'Sieging' (concept)

While the same in number, to me and about 700K-750K others, the cons have far outweighed the pros. Why do I mention this? Queue the entrance of the 800lb gorilla...

I believe that Microsoft does it best; the whole absorption, stealing and executing technique.. but Blizzard is a damn close second. Call it stealing, call it 'borrowing', call it good business decisions...either way; they didn't become the 800lb Gorilla that they are for no reason.

Since Warhammer's Debut, World of Warcraft is about to roll out their 2nd large patch, and guess what they're including:
  • Battlegrounds(aka scenairos) queuing from anywhere
  • XP and Honor from Player Kills and Battleground Victories
  • Bonus Honor for 'Fighting on the Flag'
  • Battleground timers - 20 minutes
  • Battleground with Siegable keep (and seige engines) - 80 Players
  • Ability to turn XP off and remain in a specific battleground range
  • --Anti-Twinking measures: /xpoff players only queue for other /xpoff player's BG's
  • Updated Character Models
  • Updated Armor & Weapon Models
  • New PvP / Honor Rewards (gear and spell ranks unavailable to others)
So with this, what does WoW Already Offer:
  • Balanced Classes in PvP & PvE (each side has same offerings)
  • Stellar PvE (Leveling and End Game) - Sets the Metric for PvE endgames
  • Three total zone walls - **very** MMO / Immersive world feel
  • Polished, smooth client
  • Largest MMORPG Playerbase (approx 11.4 million players, 2.8 in North America)
  • Constant community involvement
  • Constant Patching, Hot Fixing and User-suggested enhancements

Warcraft Cons:
  • End Game, outside of BG's and Open world random PvP, is PvE Based
  • Dated, "Cartoony" Graphics
  • "Daunting" from a new player perspective (it's a very 'known' world, so you've gotta do your research)
  • Massive Community that lends itself towards being Jaded
  • Massive non community that loves to bash, rip apart and complain about WoW

So, why not run to Warcraft after 3.2? Well... I dunno; I might. But it's World of Warcraft. It's almost become, for people who haven't been one of it's mindless minions, a 'love to hate' relationship. It's been dubbed the Fischer Price of MMO's, despite having arguably more math and available data than Warhammer (and it's formulas work too). It's Gozer the Gozerian, the destroyer of Worlds (coupled with ToA, Warcraft killed Dark Age of Camelot). It's the Voltron of Online Gaming.... it assimilates the collective positive ideas of the MMORPG community and developers; sucks it into it's greedy web, and some how spits out a more polished version. It's the bane of MMO existences just because it's the MMO by which all others are now compared. It sucks, cause it's the Walmart of MMORPGS.. it moves in on the block, puts all the mom & pops out of business, and just destroys everything in it's path. It offers what everyone else does, but does it cleaner, easier and 'better' than the others.

If you can jump your personal hate-hurdle... then really, WoW's the metric by which others are compared cause it's the "best".

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