Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clutch control!

So I've been watching TONS and TONS of videos on youtube over the MSF course and the HD Rider'sEdge course, which I take this coming Thursday... and I thought how cool of an idea is that. 

I think I may make a couple of videos and post them up here and on youtube... this one guy's (reliic) really helped me know what to expect in the course, figure maybe I can help pass some stuff along. 

So last night, the battery charged and all... not all the way though; but I played around with the bike in the driveway...f inding the Friction Zone (where the clutch starts to engage) and working on getting the bike rolling. The course spends about 2hours of saturday on this basic function, so I figure I'd get a jump start... I'm just having a problem remembering to pull in the clutch when I stop. I'm sure it's like driving a manual car though... after about a week, everything is second nature.  I'm probably gonna go back out to the garage and practice some more in just a couple of minutes. 

We've got some BUSY WEEKS COMING UP, omg.  This week... Jack's got to go to the vet on Tuesday to get a rabis shot! He has to have this before getting his hair cut on saturday... both the dogs look pitifully homeless. We've had to keep putting their haircuts off cause we want them to go to C&T's nice and clean.. and if we got the clipped this weekend, they'd be dirtty by leaving for Italy. Thursday I start the Rider's Edge course (MSF course, but twice as long thru Harley Davidson.... 30 or so hours of classroom and roadwork; supposedly it's one of the best courses in the country. It better be, cause of the cost... =( lol. That Schedule is:

Thurs :  5:30-9pm  classroom
Friday: 5:30-9pm   classroom
Sat      : 8am-6pm  (no break!) Road work
Sun     : 8am-6pm  Roadwork
Mon   : 5:30-9pm classroom

Upon passing the road and the classroom work, I get a voucher that I can take to the DMV and get my Class M liscense, fun =) 

The saturday I'm in class, Jill has to take the boys to go get their haircut and then I don't know what she's doing about NWeds that sunday night, I won't be able to make it =( I'll be at the course when NWeds starts...So that ends on monday... Tuesday I'll get off early and go to the DMV. Wed's me and Jill have to pack like maniacs... Thursday night we've got a concert (B.Spears) at Gwinnett Arena, then Friday is the big day... Mr. & Mrs. Glawson leave the country for 8 days!  We leave Hartsfield at 1:50pm and get to Newark, NJ at 4:15... then we fly on a 767 to Rome and arrive at 8am on Saturday morning.... we've got a direct flight back, leaving Saturday the 14th from Rome at 9am. Here's to hoping it's great weather! =) 

One little tidbit to add too, that we're really proud of... we've recently paid off our third bill, and that's three so far for 2009 (well techincally 'will be' once jill sends her visa payment). We're working on shovelling cash towards debt (lol @ Buying a bike tho...)... and seeing success! 


cindy glawson said...

Love the part about paying off debt. You know how your momma is. All the motorcycle stuff sounds great. Going to be prepared. We both look forward to having the clean and healthy pups stay with us. Sweet.

Katie Jones said...

Wow, I can't believe Italy snuck up so fast! I'm sure you all have been counting it down, but I've been thinking it was a long way off... but after next week it will be March! Craziness! Sounds like you've got a packed few days ahead of you...